LOOP-Leadership & Object Oriented Programs.

Date: DEC 19,2018
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: IMSciences Peshawar


LOOP is going to arrange one Day Workshop in IM Sciences Peshawar. LOOP is an Organization working national Level for Youth Development and Empowerment. We are working on Transformative Services in Pakistan. Our Major focus is to improve the Employment Opportunities by providing Digital Literacy.
Durshal is Business Incubation Centre for IT and Digital Entrepreneurs. LOOP & Durshal are supporting partners to arrange this informative session for Young Entrepreneurs.
This session, participants will engage in a multidisciplinary collaboration to tackle real-world problems using a human-centered approach. Through a very hands-on session, participants are encouraged to discover through observation what is meaningful and to whom, to generate empathy with users, to find a specific focus on a challenge and to ideate on possible solutions. These must, then, be quickly prototyped, tested and iterated based on customer feedback.
The participants will learn about some of the different tools and exercises to generate insights, collaborative working, idea building, rapid prototyping, and iterative testing.
The Trainer:
Khalid Abbas based in Norway and Have Experience in Training and Mentorship of Young Entrepreneurs in Europe & Pakistan.
European Commision, Impact Hub, Ignite, Founder Institute, Halliburton, Startup Weekend, Statoil and Many More platforms of Young Entrepreneurs and Business Community.
He will Join us as Trainer in This Session.