LOOP-Leadership & Object Oriented Programs.

Date: OCT 8,2018
Time: 3:00 PM
Location: LOOP – Leadership & Object Oriented Programs.


One Month Hands-On Training on Digital Entrepreneurship – Start Online Earning & Freelancing Leading to Digital Entrepreneurship
“Business Development Fellowship”
We have just 4 seats and selection for the positions will be based on your potential.
One Month Hands-on Training in Digital Entrepreneurship. Starting from 17th September
Two Days a Week: 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
It is Your Real-Time Mentoring with Practical.
You will not just get Lectures or Class. You will get Case Studies, Plans, Strategies, and task.
You will get the workplace to do work with real-time Experimentation. It is not just for your Freelancing or Online working, but also you can do the job as a Business Development Executive & Social Media Marketing Expert.
Welcome to SME’s to invest on your Workforce by joining this Fellowship for your Business Growth.
What you will learn:
Different ways to start online earning Even if you have No skills
Project management
Proposal Writing & Designing
Graphics Designing
Social Media Marketing
Business Development (B2B, B2C)
Marketing Strategy Models
Inbound and Outbound Marketing Road Map
effective use of advanced tools as a professional
Freelancing (with case studies and earning ideas and plans)
How we will Help You to Train You as a Successful Business Person
Brain Storming
Help to Develop the Business Model
Marketing Plans & Strategies
Real-Time Case Studies
Interactions and Meet up with Industry Experts
Help in Branding
Motivational & Spiritual Trainings
Training Content:
Module 1: Entrepreneurship Mindset Development (Week one)
Self Recognition
Digital Entrepreneurship
Approaches to Digitize Business
Business & Revenue Models
Marketing Strategy Models
Inbound and Outbound Marketing Road Map
SWOT Analysis
Module 2: Graphics Designing (Week two)
Graphics Designing by using Online Tools
Design the Business Proposals
Design the Company/Business Profiles
Design the SMM Materials
Introduction to Photoshop for Future Targets
Module 3: Research & Social Media Marketing (week three)
What is Social Media Marketing and why it’s Important for a Business Growth
Brainstorming and Business Idea Development
what is Research & how its Effective for Business Growth
B2B & B2C Targets for Business Growth
Effective Tools for Research and Lead Generation
Research & Content Management
Lead Generation through Facebook
Research & Content Management
Lead Generation through Facebook
Research & Content Management
Lead Generation through Facebook
Strategies to grow the followers and Business
Tools for Hash tag’s Strategies
Tools for business accounts Management
LinkedIn Profile Optimization
Lead Generation through LinkedIn
Advanced Tool for LinkedIn marketing
Advanced Tools for Lead Generation on LinkedIn
Business Growth Strategies on LinkedIn
Module 4: Freelancing & Project Management (week four)
Freelancing Platforms and Plans
Gig & Project Management
Impressive Proposal and Cover Letter
Secret ways and Ideas to start online working (if you don’t have any skill & no idea how to earn)
You will Get Professional Certification & Experience Letter
it will be a Month Program.
You will get the Chance to Meet & Learn from Industry Experts
Fellowship Investment: 15000 Rs
You will get a Call for a Short Interview. Eligible candidates will get the update soon after the short interview
Register Yourself Early Because if you will clear the whole Process Your Investment will be 12000 Rs. after 20% Discount before 13th September.