LOOP-Leadership & Object Oriented Programs.

Date: NOV 27,2017
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: UET Lahore.


The Art of Presentation- Pimp up Your Presentation
This Program “The Art of Presentation- Pimp up Your Presentation” is 2-days training program arranged by 
LOOP – Leadership & Object Oriented Programs
 with the Partnership of 
TICK – UET’s Tech Incubator
Certificates will be Provided by the LOOP
Under our Program YLTP(Young Leaders Training Program) we are providing the training to Young Leaders to make them more Confident and professional in the Art of Presentation.
This Program has Two Modules
1: The Art of Training – Pimp up Your Presentation
2: The Art of Public Speaking
The Art of Presentation will motivate and challenge you to become a best Leader and Speaker. Expert Training and workshop with Practical Activities will transform your skill to persuade your audience. In this 2-day intensive training program, you will get the in-depth Art of Presentation skills and knowledge that will make you the artist of presentations. We will give you the Expert Advice on which factors you need to focus and learn and what it takes to become an excellent presenter. You will learn how to master the art of presenting!
You are the head of your company or a Student, your words count. You are a thought leader on a complex subject.
You are responsible for bringing Change and have an impact on everyone else. You need to have the art of presentation and good skills in convincing and persuading others with your ideas.
Join us and learn how to master “The art of presenting”.
The Training will have the following main features:
• Inspiring stories and relevant examples
• How-to instruction
• Lively group discussions
• Practicing your presentation skills and receiving individual Feedback
• Prepare like a pro
• How to present
• Create a structure for maximum impact
• Deliver with energy and enthusiasm
• Develop your own presentation as you learn new skills
• How to Balance your Body Language
• How to overcome the Fear
• How to prepare the slides
• Right ways to deal the Questions
• Reaction to Criticism
Group Discussions
Practical Activities
Presentation in front of Panel to Overcome your Fear
Selection of Best Presenter
Announcement of Top Three Presenter/Leader
Certificates Distribution