LOOP-Leadership & Object Oriented Program.

Date: JAN 25,2016
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: UVAS Business School


LOOP going to conduct the professional training on fiverr.
It will be a detailed training workshop in which you will learn about different freelancing platforms to start your online earning.
Fiverr is the most active and easy for newbies. we will focus on fiverr earning methods and ways to guide the newbies and students.
in this training we will focus to cover the all steps and policies by which you can start earning right after this workshop by implementation of the training lessons.
Main Points that will be covered in this Training Session.
Different Freelancing Portals
Introduction of Fiverr
Why you should Start from Fiverr
How you can start from Fiverr
How you can build your impressive profile.
How you can make your Gig
How you can make your gig to get the more and more orders.
In the second Part we will teach different ways by which you can start earning from right after this training..
It will be three to four different ways to start your online career, (if you dont know which skills you have,, how you should start and how you can sale your skills ) This Training will be the kick start for you to enter in the online earning .
Our Main focus is to empower the youth and give them awareness that how they can earn and can supporrt their family and can bear their study expenses. another major reason is to reduce the un employment rate for the development of Pakistan..
So be an active citizen and groom your skills with us.

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