LOOP-Leadership & Object Oriented Program.

Date: DEC 01,2015
Time: 9:00 AM
Location: Agha Khan Auditorium, University Campus, Peshawar.


LOOP – Leadership & Object Oriented Programs have launched the KPK Program , Peshawer Chapter is one chapter of our KPK Program. we are going to conductuct the workshop on “Internet world and its opportunities”
“Internet world and its opportunities” is an upcoming event of LOOP – Leadership & Object Oriented Programs with the collabration of Computer Science Department of University of Peshawar. This workshop is free for all. This is an effective way to communicate with students because it will direct them in the positive use of internet. LOOP – Leadership & Object Oriented Programs invites them to creatively construct their own carrier in safe and supported ways. This workshop will assist participants to gather information and develop a more comprehensive understanding of internet world. The main objective of the workshop is to promote the use of internet in productive way, and open the gates of technology for the students of different fields like Social sciences, Arts and humanities etc.
***This workshop is free not only for university students also for everyone who wants to learn and want to get the right direction***.
Our main focus to conduct this workshop is to spread the knowledge about online world by connecting the different ways of online earnings.
This Workshop is the joint effort of both loop and University of Peshawar.
We inviting you all in university of Peshawar to learn the ways of online earnings and to get the right direction towards your entrepreneurship goals.
This workshop will cover the main topics which are
1: Use the SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) for online Earnings
2:Freelancing (How you can start the freelancing from basic to Expert Level)
3: Inbound marketing
Our speakers will be from Peshawar and Lahore.
Mr salman baig for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )
Miss Faiza khalid for Freelancing
Mr Irfan for Inbound Marketing
Event details:
Dec 1st,2015
9 am – 2 pm
Agha khan Auditorium,University of peshawar

Event Gallery.