LOOP-Leadership & Object Oriented Program.

Date: NOV 23,2015
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: R&D Youth Connect Punjab


LOOP is arranging the In House Training for Members.
As our Team is our worth . Loop’s target is to have professional team.
This training is specially arranged for our team members.
Its In-House 3 days customize training for all team members and ambassadors of the Loop.
We have limited seats.
But we cannot ignore the youth. We have some seats on which we can consider the young passionate youngsters who want to get the customize training with Loop team members.
5 seats are available for outsiders.
Criteria for external members contains the following.
• Candidate should be the student of any university.
• Passionate to do something for society and youth .
• Good communication skills.
We will consider them for loop official membership.
If you are interested you can contact us through the loop Facebook page, message or can contact the Co-ordinator. Number of Co-ordinator is mentioned in the loop page info.
Time and days for training session are:
23 November, 2015 (4 pm to 6 pm) : Leadership and Organizational Managment .
24 November, 2015 ( 4 pm to 6 pm ) : Confidence Building and Personality Managment to be a young trainer.
One day training in pipeline on 28 November:” How you can prepare yourself to be a best Employee”. Detail will update soon.
This Training is sponsored by R&D Youth Connect Punjab.
Venue: R&D Youth Connect Punjab , Punjab Stadium, Lahore

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