LOOP-Leadership & Object Oriented Programs.

Date: DEC 15,2016
Time: 3:00 PM
Location: R&D Youth Connect Punjab.


This 8-days program is being organized by LOOP – Leadership and Object Oriented Programs from Dec. 5th. This unique program is specially designed for young people who want to initiate a business or are looking forward to the field of freelancing. Why freelance, you ask? Because it provides you with an opportunity to explore the fields of your interest, do what you love and thing(s) you are passionate about.
That is all Freelancing Boot-Camp is about; to enable youth to polish their skills and provide them complete training in a professional atmosphere where they could learn and grow. Here’s what we are offering:
Training/Coaching Sessions
If you’re a beginner or an initial level freelancer, this is where we will equip you with skills that you require to excel and jump start you career. This exclusively designed program would not only allow you to learn from highly trained professionals but would also enable you to connect with people of a similar mindset.
Practice Sessions
The distinctive feature of this program that in addition to training and coaching sessions we will be conducting practice session, enabling you to transform your ideas and mind-maps into complete business plans and make your business strategies more executable.
Professional Atmosphere
We believe in professionalism and we aim to provide youth with an atmosphere that enhances their learning experience and maximizes professional growth.
Business Development & Networking
Another unique feature of this program is to provide youth with an opportunity to interact with business minded professionals and introduce to our youth a proper business culture. It could include team building and coming up with a business strategy that suits you the best. This program would incorporate in you a very mature approach to business and business development.
Eligibility to Apply
As per our criteria, we would be selecting 50% initial-level freelancers and 50% mid-level freelancers.
For initial level freelancers
If you are a person with a passion for freelancing and a clear vision, and basic understanding on what freelancing is, this program is just for you.
For mid-level freelancers
You are eligible to apply as a mid-level freelancer if you have a profile on any freelancing site, at least a year of experience in freelancing, a specific skill. If you can lead a team and you are an expert of your field this option is just for you.

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