LOOP-Leadership & Object Oriented Programs.

Date: MAR 25,2018
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: LOOP – Leadership & Object Oriented Programs.


It will be a 2-days training workshop, 3-hours both days.
You will be trained to start working on different Freelancing websites including the popular ones.
This training is not only for newbies but also for those who have an experience in this field.
Register here: https://goo.gl/5D4BsE
Regular training fee: Rs. 2500
Day 1:
-Bootcamp Agenda
-Overview and introduction
-Discuss top skills & in demand things
-Important things to install
-Order your Master card.
-Make your portfolio (Flicker, Codepen, Github, Online Resume, Youtube links, professional picture, video animation for GIG, GIG images)
-Getting started with Fiverr, structure, popular services, buyer requests, ranking, communications, make your Fiverr profile, GIG making.
Day 2:
-Queries from the 1st day.
-How to write good proposals.
-Getting started with Upwork, services, structure, portfolio creation, tests, bidding.
-Create your profile on Upwork, find the right client, send proposals.