This is the Official Community for the “Ecommerce & Export Growth Programs” by LOOP.
This community is in planning to launch in near future with more education, awareness, networking, and Social Campaigns.
Our vision is to create an ecosystem with the vision to promote an equal learning system for every Pakistani.
We would like to add more passionate force to help us in this cause.
We will develop the learning system for the eCommerce and export growth of Pakistan. we will work for Pakistan. we will train the Pakistani youth and will connect them with Pakistani resources and industry. the major reason to create the mindset to work for Pakistani products in the eCommerce business model.
we will train the Pakistani manufacturers, we will guide them to maintain professionalism and quality to beat the global challenges on the eCommerce market places.
At the third step, we will help our community to build a long-term business with eCommerce management leading to the export growth of Pakistan.
This program is designed to help the needy, widows, single women, and orphans. We will generate our income to support them.
BIZKO INC is our Supporting partner in this cause
We will generate our income to help them by providing the training on our platform. Will create a system to help the orphans in their education.
This Social program is designed by LOOP – Leadership & Object-Oriented Programs.
LOOP – Leadership & Object-Oriented Programs is a Social enterprise working in the skills development and providing transformative services in digital entrepreneurship for the economic empowerment of the nation.
Our Slogan: “Make Pakistan a Strong Nation”