We work to maintain the best possible environment for youth, where youngsters can learn and grow under the learning environment. We strive to provide a collaborative, creative environment where each person feels encouraged adjoin hands with LOOP to improve the capabilities and contribute to make a chain of young and energetic youngsters to participate in the betterment of youth and reduce the unemployment rate in Pakistan. Vision: By creating the world’s most helpful Institution with the guidance and mentoring, making people empowered and confident to make their dreams come true. To operate our organization with a Team Effort in a professional and efficient way to make people aware of their default skills with a glaze by utilizing the great experience of our mentors and to entitle the Youth specially in entrepreneurship.

  General Activities: 

• Entrepreneurship 

• Entitle the Youth 

• Counseling ,guidance and supervision

 • Empowering people

 • Training sessions and workshops 


 Our mission is to create a trusted community of youngsters where their capabilities are being identified, polished and take them to the right direction of their career. Empower the youth by investing in their skills. To make our youth capable of accomplishing their life’s goal by providing them with future scenarios and the best possibilities for them. Core Value: 

• Best initiative for the development of youth

 • Self-empowerment

 • Dedicated paths

 • Start from the Scratch training

• Friendly environment 


 • IT revolution in Pakistan

 • To reduce the unemployment rate in Pakistan.

 • Giving the hope to students toward the right future.

 • Encourage the youth to be a self-employed citizens.

 • Provide the training to brand yourself.

 • Provide the training to identify the goals.

 • After identifying the goals, provide the expert level training to accomplish the goals. 

• Object oriented training programs.