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Hey there, my name is Faiza Khalid. I’m the CEO of LOOP (Leadership & Object Oriented Programs).

We are the pioneers in digital literacy for digital entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Our Social Campaigns are truly based on real-time solutions to the problems faced by our youth in economic empowerment.

We Strongly believe that our programs will empower, not only our youth but our industry, SMEs, and women entrepreneurs as well, creating ripples that spell progress not just for individuals, but the the country as well.


New Manufacturers and Amazon Sellers joining us Daily

Join our community on Facebook to learn about Amazon brand building with Pakistan products.

Get Our Exclusive Ebook to Learn about Amazon Business Development from Pakistan with Pakistani Products.

you can start selling on Amazon with Pakistani products.
YES you can start with least budget if you have right education related to your business.
our experienced team with hands-on experience is here to guide you the complete Amazon FBA business operations.
our major focus is to work on Pakistani products. do work for your own country and be an exporter and play your part in your country’s growth.
make your mindset to build a brand. we have huge opportunities for our manufacturing companies. you not only launch your own brand but also can get more and more b2b clients from Pakistan.
our facebook group will help you to connect the stakeholders and will educate to start your selling on Amazon with the understanding of complete operations of the business.
NO need to hire prep services, sourcing agents or third party investigations. do everything by your own and build your business up to B2b and export level to different countries.
say no to china and “make pakistan a strong nation.”
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