• Freelancing Bootcamp

    This 8-days program is being organized by LOOP – Leadership and Object Oriented Programs. This unique program is specially designed for young people who want to initiate a business or are looking forward to the field of freelancing. Why freelance, you ask? Because it provides you with an opportunity to explore the fields of your interest, do what you love and thing(s) you are passionate about.
    That is all Freelancing Boot-Camp is about; to enable youth to polish their skills and provide them complete training in a professional atmosphere where they could learn and grow.

  • Business Executive Program

    This program is the best opportunity for those who want to take a business initiative
    The main motive behind this program is to provide you with a professional atmosphere and to open the door towards your business.
    LOOP – Leadership & Object Oriented Programs have launched the “Business Execution Program” on this day.
    Under the umbrella of this program, we have started our different series and episodes to make a strong connection between youth and LOOP. This program will be launched in different universities.
    its already Launched at UET Lahore with the collaboration TICK – UET’s Tech Incubator.

  • In House Training

    LOOP is the organization working for youth with a dynamic team.So we have special training for our official members to train them on all professional matters related to Company and make and make them better professional person by working on their skills development. So our team is our worth. Our motive is to have a professional team.
    This training is specially arranged for our team members.
    Its In-House 3 days customize training for all team members and ambassadors in every six months of the LOOP.

  • Training Series

    Professional Training is our best feature in our way to Entrepreneurship Development. Our main focus is Digital Entrepreneurship where you don’t need to have any investment. Your skills will be your Investment.

    On the Second Stage,

    we need to Have Expert Training on Specific Skills and Business Models. So in our Model, we have expert training in the following Areas

    • Freelancing
    • Youtube Earning Methods
    • Amazon Business Model
    • Blogging
    • Digital Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing

    On the Third Stage,

    On the Third Stage, We provide the training to mature business Entities to manage their Companies, Legal Matters, and Documentation. Our Business Development Trainings help them to run a successful Company.