Social Media Marketing Certificate Program

April 23 - 26, 2018

3:00 - 5:00 pm


Payment Proofs

This certificate program has been arranged with the collaboration of IAEOU & Sana’s Kitchen. It will be a 4-days physical training leading to the online paid internship at USA Company. Participants will be short-listed on the basis of the short quiz at the end of this program and then will be given the opportunity of the paid internship. This paid internship will start after 3-weeks of online assessment and training with USA Company and their clients.

Certification will be provided by USA Authorized Company. Famous Premium Online Tools will also be provided for learning and practice with their Pro features.

After Completion of the whole Training Program, Selected Girls will get the Paid Internship in USA Companies.

Training/Coaching Sessions
If you’re a beginner or Professional, this is where we will equip you with skills that you require to excel and jump-start your career. This exclusively designed program would not only allow you to learn from highly trained professionals but would also enable you to connect with people of a similar mindset. 

Practice Sessions
The distinctive feature of this program that in addition to training and coaching sessions we will be conducting practice session, enabling you to transform your ideas and mind-maps into complete business plans and make your business strategies more executable.
Professional Atmosphere
We believe in professionalism and we aim to provide youth with an atmosphere that enhances their learning experience and maximizes professional growth.
Business Development & Networking
Another unique feature of this program is to provide youth with an opportunity to interact with business minded professionals and introduce to our youth a proper business culture. It could include team building and come up with a business strategy that suits you the best. This program would incorporate in you a very mature approach to business and business development. 

Eligibility to Apply
As per our criteria, we would be selecting the Passionate Girls who are hardworking and have the mature approach towards their goals.
If you are a person with a passion to do something and a clear vision, and a basic understanding of what Social Media Marketing is, this program is for you. 
If you want to Earn Online by polishing your skills. if You want to get the Right Track for your Digital Entrepreneurship journey. This Program is right Fit for you. 


Why Social Media Marketing?

Introduction with all Social Media Channels
starting with the Basics – Beginners

Start with Social Channels
SWOT Analysis of Your Business

Your Social Media Marketing Strategies

 Facebook & Twitter Marketing

In Facebook/twitter every topic has long Content and strategies to learn and implementation. It is all about your business and preferences that how you want to plan your Facebook marketing according to your product & business model. The Key areas we will cover in Facebook and twitter Marketing; plans, Strategies, Implementation, Automation, Analysis, Reporting & Advanced Tools as Social Media Marketing Expert

LinkedIn Marketing

  • Why Use LinkedIn
  • How to optimize Your Profile
  • How to improve your Search Ranking
  • How to add 1000+ Connections in two Days
    Advanced Marketing:
  • How to Connect with Large Audience : up to 50k
  • How to Send instant messages to your Network Connections
  • Importance and Need of your Endorsement
  • Paid Methods at LinkedIn
  • Advanced Tools

Instagram Marketing

  • Why Instagram
  • Power of hashtag on instagram
  • How to measure your stats
  • strategies & techniques to increase the Followers and engagements
    testing and planning
  • New post Scheduling, plans and storytelling tactics
  • business account to instagram analytics
  • testing the captions
  • Advanced tools to handle the all features of instagram


Graphic Designing

  • Basics of graphics
  • Advance & Easy to use tools for beginners
  • Tactics of effective designing of
  • Posts (page posts, event posts, blog posts) with respect to different channels
  • Theme setting
  • Company Profile
  • Project Proposal


Earning from SMM & Client dealing

  • How you can earn online by using social Media Marketing Services.
  • How to find the Clients
  • How to communicate with clients through advanced tools
  • How to report the Clients by using advanced tools
  • How to make the Long term Clients


Three week online Training and practice with USA Company (for Shortlisted Participants after assessment process in three Modules)

LOOP (Leadership & Object Oriented Programs) had a record of past 4 successful strings (batches). For details, click the links below: 

String: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Training fee: Rs. 4500

Bank Detail: 
LOOP(Leadership & Object Oriented Programs)
Account #: 0416007000003248
Faysal Bank Limited
EasyPaisa Detail:
CNIC: 35202-9843741-5 
Mobile: 0331 4353994
Name: Adnan
After Deposit your Fee please email your Receipt to our Official Page: LOOP – Leadership & Object Oriented Programs
Email us:
We will email you your Registration ID after approval of your Fee Submission Status.


Feedback from Participants

It is a great experience to work with LOOP. Learnt a lot about Digital Media Marketing. LOOP is doing a lot for youth to grow up and for people who want to earn online and are passionate to build bright futures. They are providing training that leads to Paid internship in USA Company.Feeling Proud to be in the first batch of that program and Love to work with LOOP 🙂 <3
Hira Ayub
LOOP is a great platform for youth it is an amazing organisation it provide a path for youth that how can we achieve our goals and how to become a successful in our professional life I learnt social media marketing it was great experience and I got paid internship in USA Company and its great opportunity for all girls Pakistan have lack of such platforms and Loop has been great so far in spreading knowledge specially in the field of I.T. You are doing great ! Thumbs Up for you Excellent!! Keep It up :-)!! Superb Experience 🙂
Sumbal Nawaz
You all are just doing amazing work. Awesome platform for youth.. Keep it up!! 🙂 🙂
Smer Ayub

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